Construction Project Management

A construction manager is vital to the success of a construction project. We typically manage a project from start to finish, overseeing its successful completion, while also ensuring that the project stays within the outlined budget. For over twenty years, we have consulted clients with key services such as: planning, coordination, budgeting and supervision. Secondly, we interview and contract with subcontractors on your behalf, and create construction schedules for project sites. Additionally, ACM ensures that all aspects of the contracts are fulfilled and that the budget is adhered to. ACM acts as the primary communicator on a job, facilitating conversations between superintendents, construction workers, architects, engineers, administrators, and the client. We provide hands on general contracting and management services including:

Construction Project Management
  • Due Diligence and Acquisition – Planning and feasibility through the buying process.
  • Entitlement, Zoning, and Plan Amendments – Helping to ensure your construction vision is approved.
  • Dry Utility Design and Coordination – Providing expertise in negotiating with public utilities, improving design, and optimizing costs.
  • Budget Preparation – Reviewing and administering complex budgets.
  • Securing Lender Financing – Working within our vast network of lenders to present viable projects to finance.
Construction Project Management
  • Contract Management – Coordinating the bidding process and securing contractors. Reviewing the general contract and its clauses to ensure compliance.
  • Financial Management – Compliance and Auditing
  • Project Management – Managing the construction process:
    • Engineering and Architectural Coordination
    • Permits and Building Authority Coordination
    • Contracting and Scheduling General and Sub-Contractors
    • Lender Payment Applications and Loan Submittals
    • Budget Management and Adherence
    • Change Orders
    • Legal Document Management
    • Reporting – Providing comprehensive client reports on progress and trends

Finally, ACM is aligned and follows the best practices of the American Institute of Architects Therefore, In order to stay apprised on industry trends and construction services, we partner with the National Home Builders Association , the Risk Management Association of AZ RMA, and the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona as resources to industry trends and economic data. ACM is licensed to build new residential and commercial construction projects.