Construction Funds Control


It make sense to have a Construction Management Company provide Construction Funds Control, Construction Monitoring and Inspections Services. ACM has a better way to manage the construction process more efficiently and profitability.

Construction Inspections and Funds Control

Construction lending is profitable but risky. Funds Control manages the pay application and disbursement process of a construction project before the budget becomes a problem. Construction Progress Monitoring and percentage completion is analyzed by line item and plays a major role in the Control process. ACM helps to control costs by becoming an extension of your organization so you can spend more time growing your business line. We Stay up to date on important industry trends through the Risk Management Association.

Construction Inspections and Funds Control Program Levels

Construction Project Monitoring

ACM Construction Management Services

Construction monitoring allows lenders and owner groups to enjoy the safeguards put in place to oversee a project in progress. Critical points of success are evaluated and compared to overall project completion. Monitoring involves project coordination with the contractor, budget analysis, contractor draw application analysis, subcontractor application analysis, lien waiver reconcilliation, and funding recommendations.

Funds Control and Inspections Benefits

Funds Control

Funds Control is designed to monitor and safeguard funds during the construction stages and to mitigate risk on commercial and residential projects. Our Clients receive comprehensive progress review reports from ACM recommending funding.

  • Initial Project Reviews
  • Receiving and processing draw voucher requests
  • Verifying invoices and suppliers
  • Lien waiver management
  • Progress Inspections
  • Budget line item review
  • Municipal permitting, inspection and code adherence verification
  • Budget analysis and predictive review
  • Direct Funds Disbursement From Trust Account Where Contracted
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Comprehensive Funds Control Analysis Report with Recommendations

Project Completion Assurance

Completion Guarantee

ACM’s proven experience in sucessfully manageing and controlling major projects provides its Project Completion Assurance Program (PCA). This program opens up diverse opportunies to lenders such as USDA and SBA sources of financing.